The Dark Knight Rises Review

The first half of the film was great. Especially the opening with the loud, bombastic music and engineered plane hijacking. It's so big and boisterous that I was willing to overlook some lapses in logic. But then the lapses in logic start to add up, and you realize the Batman movies are like James Bond movies: there's this obligation to be epic and blow big things up. It gets to the point where Batman is even doing more damage than he's preventing.

Seeing Anne Hathaway in that skin-tight catsuit certainly helped, but somewhere in the middle, it turns into a lot of convoluted talking as you see the writers and director setting you up for the big, epic ending. You become aware that they're explaining so much that they're setting you up for a twist, and that they'll have to unexplain things. And I don't know about you, but when Bruce Wayne was in prison, and the doctor is telling him that lonnnnnnnng-ass story, I suddenly realized, "Uh-oh, he's got pronoun trouble" -- and I suddenly realized what the twist was, and thus the ending.

It was big, it was long, and in a lot of places, it was draggy. It also was kind of faux-operatic, with these epic but unbelievable backstories about characters I didn't much care about. Monks living in holes and underground prisons and, somehow, all of Gotham City's police force getting trapped underground. Lots of swooping camera shots of the city and that low, rushing score constantly playing. This Bane character is shown to be some kind of criminal mastermind who leads an army of zealots, but we never see exactly why all these guys follow him with cult-like devotion.

I'm sorry, I just didn't dig it. Some cool stuff happened, like the wicked engineered plane crash that opens the movie, and seeing the Wayne Enterprises Tumbler tanks being used by the military. But he still doesn't speak, but rather growls, and there's a whole thing with this one true-believer cop (who was raised in a Wayne-funded orphanage) who will apparently ascend to become a sidekick of sorts that just, again, seemed unnecessary.

Overall, it really wasn't my idea of a real good time. The movie was just too much of everything, and it went on too long and took itself way too seriously. It's supposed to be a superhero movie, not some sort of modern mythological opera.