The Review of Dan Brown's: Robert Langdon vs Catholic Church

Has anyone read The Da Vinci Code? Of course you did.. I was just wondering. Well, I enjoyed The Da Vinci Code but there wasn't the type of resolution one would expect at the end of the novel.

At the very begining, Sauniere went through all hell a lot of trouble to leave the secrets behind to someone, that is the whole foundation of all what happened subsequently, but at the end of the book, it emerged that his wife was still alive and very much involved! So what is the point of leaving the secret to his granddaughter anyway?

Secondly, the whole book is built on the belief that the secret is not going to be lost for ever, yet at the end of the book nobody ever had a damn plan to review it anyway, so what is the difference of it from being lost forever anyway?

All of a sudden you found yourself in a situation you realise that the book is actually pointless, the whole events are entertaining, but should not have happened altogether at all!

My objection to the book is mediocre writing, not any better or worse than other beach reads. They always leave me feeling like a stray mutt peed on me as I was sprawled in the sun and stupidly, I wiped the spot on the sand.

Did you read Angels and Demons? It was much more compeling to me. It may have been due partially to the fact that at the time the pope was dying in the book, Pope John Paul II was dying at the very same time so the catholic rituals follows his death in the book were being played out during the same period at the Vatican.

Although the Catholic Church was upset deeply by Brown's portrayal of the church in the books, I think it really made us have to dust off all our old books from catholicism classes and learn more of the ways of the religion, and since when is that a bad thing?

The book kept me immersed from the moment I opened it, while the movie unfortunately did not. There was a somewhat understated sexual appeal to Robert Langdon in the book, so when he was portrayed by Tom Hanks in the movies, it was a let down. Tom Hanks is a great actor, but lacks that sexual charisma.